heaven sees me music video crew

how to weaken pride and cultivate humility - cj mahaney

always reflect on the wonder of the cross of Christ.

begin your day by acknowledging your dependence upon God and your need for God.

begin by expressing gratefulness to God. 

prayer, study God’s Words, worship - thruout the day

seize your commute time to meditate on Scripture. 

cast your cares upon Him, for He cares for you. 

at the end of the day, transfer the glory to God.

receive the gift of sleep. 

study the attributes of God, doctrine of grace, of sin.

laugh often at yourself. 

identify evidences of grace in others - perceive where and how God is at work in their lives and humbly let them know. 

encourage and serve others each and every day.

invite and pursue correction

respond humbly to trials. 

Disneyland with the Jp family - so. much. fun. It’s not about where we go, but with whom we go. Favorite moments: Andy’s giggles, Kevin’s screams, synchro fails, giant turkey legs, midday pineapple froyo float, magical moments with the Disney staff - the friendliest and happiest, and skipping down the path to the most magical firework show. Ever.

080714 Thursday

Thankful for this wonderful team with the best heart and talent - making Hana Kim’s Heaven Sees Me music video. 080914 Saturday