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don’t feed the mammoth 


Itinerary for Camping:
i. A sleeping bag.
ii. Something to rest your head on (i.e. pillow/a rolled up towel).
iii. A mat or cushion of some sort to lay inside the tent.

2. Toiletries
a. Toothbrush
c. Soap of some sort(Hana)

3. For the P.M
c. A nice comfy jacket or sweater for low to mid 50 degree Fahrenheit weather.
d. Sweats and/or shorts.

4. For the day time
a. Sunscreen
b. A hat or cap
c. Eye protection
d. Attire that is fitting for 90+ degree weather.
e. Slippers





mu bag towel 


How do we perceive autism? Filmmaker Jean Rheem shows us through a group of teens that have grown up together called “The Social Group”.

whoa - cool.

"…we all wanted to create something that wasn’t flaunting our own department or our own artistic sides…It feels like when people connect with this movie, they are connecting for the reason of like everybody’s combined passion for it, which is cool and for me personally this journey has been, because of the conversations that I’ve been able to have, it feels like the movie creates an environment that makes people want to have somewhat personal conversations afterwards. That’s been really touching and moving for me." - Destin Daniel Cretton (x)

making people want to have somewhat personal and honest conversations afterwards - creating safe spaces for people to be vulnerable. 

(via fuckyeahdirectors)